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about us

tv dept. africa was founded by Alexis Roberts who has worked as a producer in South Africa for over 20 years.

After working with Y & R for 10 years, culminating in her becoming the Head of Broadcasting, Alexis became a freelance producer. During the past twelve years she has worked for most of the multinational agencies, including JWT, Ogilvy, TBWA, FCB and Y&R. She has also worked with many of the smaller creative agencies, most of which have been offshoots of the larger multinationals. She has nurtured some of these small agencies and through that process has become an extension of their creative teams. Helping them from concept stage through to broadcast, tailoring their production requirements accordingly and often putting together somewhat eclectic groups to create a unique product.

One example of Alexis’s overseas work is the Investec Private Bank commercials for the English advertising agency, The Gate Worldwide. For over 5 years she has been responsible for all aspects of the production - managing the briefs locally (as the account team and creative department are located in London), co-ordinating the entire project via FTP/WIP sites then meeting up with the agency/client at final pre-prod stage. These meetings take place in South Africa or via video conferencing if necessary. The post production is taken care of personally whilst liaising with agency and client via FTP/WIP sites. One of her most successful projects was the Investec “Fork” spot directed by Miles Goodall and shot in Prague. From a creative concept out of London, to pre-production in Cape Town, shooting in Prague and post production in Cape Town, it was a true universal effort. One that received many accolades and awards both nationally and internationally.