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tv dept. africa can offer services in all areas of production and post production, to international agencies and clients wanting to shoot in Africa. These include:

  • Advice on local directors/production companies - send the tv dept your storyboards and we will send you reels of the world-class local production houses/ directors we recommend for the job.

  • Offer a range of independent national/ international directorstv dept. has access to freelance directors both locally as well as internationally. We then team the selected director with a reputable local service producer and/or company, obtaining competitive quotes, working to the agency’s stipulated budget.

  • Tailor made post-production services – Assessing scripts and storyboards to present relevant showreels and preparing budgets by collecting competitive quotes from the appropriate offline houses, post facilities, visual effects companies and sound studios. Constant local supervision with high speed approval facilities as well as video conferencing for pre-production meetings and creative briefs. Final formats include PAL, NTSC and HD finishes, cinema productions up to inter-pos, as well as digital design solutions.

  • Best technical backup and support for client and agency approvals - inclusive of password access to their project which can be tracked at all times on a high speed WIP site.

  • Arrange travel and accommodation for clients and agencies - handle all travel documentation (permit requirements etc).

  • Negotiate weather and film abandonment packages.

  • Music Licences – offer a selection of world-class musical directors. Negotiate talent buyouts thus saving budget on residuals.

  • Talent contracts and renewals.

  • Child permits

  • Supply a hands-on local agency TV producer to oversee productions on behalf of the international agencies – this producer will work in collaboration with the international agency producer, liaising between all parties i.e. service companies, production houses, musical directors etc in the international producer's absence. This will not exclude the participation of the international producer, merely enhance their presence locally. The local producer is familiar with all the industry players and will ensure that everything is negotiated correctly and fairly and that the work is up to standard by the time the international agency and client arrive in the country. This provides the international agency with protection against incurring budget discrepancies as well as security in knowing that their project is being taken care of.